Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Fun

We had a nice and relaxing Sunday.  Day started off with a great lunch at a new place called The Red Door Grill.  It is a cute little place near our apartment that was started by a local chef.  The atmosphere is really modern and fun and the food was great!!  I had a chicken sandwich with onions and peppers on top-I ate it with lettuce only and skipped the bun.  The side salad was good too.  Bobby had a chipotle chicken flatbread that had verde sauce instead of marinara and he loved it!!

After lunch we hit the driving range.  I got a new golf glove and it helped improve my game a million percent!!  Maybe I will be ready for the par 3 golf course soon!!

Sunday night we headed over to celebrate mother's day with my future in-laws.  It was a great time!!!  My future BIL smoked a turkey. 

It was delicious!!!  I could not stop eating it and I am not even a huge turkey fan.

Here are the adorable moms!!

 The grandparents made it too.

We had mini cupcakes for dessert-and yes I had one even though it is not 24DC friendly. 

These boys sure look like their dads!!!  It's good to know what Andrea and I have to look forward to!  :)

We are lucky, lucky ladies!! :)

 After we got home, I spent some time with my fur baby.  He was exhausted from playing with the other dogs, so he was extra snuggly!

Puppy love!!!

How did you celebrate Mother's Day? 


  1. Looks like a really fun mother's day! What a great family you have. Loved the photo of you with...was that a gigantic turkey leg?

    1. It is a giant turkey leg. I like to keep it classy. :)