Sunday, May 11, 2014

Weekend Wrapup

Friday night was a great night in. I took the pup out for a 3 mile run and then came home and cooked dinner. We caught up in DVR shows and were total couch potatoes. Sometimes a chill night is exactly what you need!!!

Saturday I went on a long run-8 miles. I felt pretty good on the run. It was a little hot and I didn't bring water, so I relied on water fountains. Next time I will bring water-every 2.5 miles isn't quite enough. 

We hit the farmers market, but it was kind of a bust. We were late and the selection just want very good. I did but a strawberry plant. I'm hoping I can keep it alive!! Any tips for growing strawberries?

After the market, we went to the park for a friends birthday. There was giant jenga, a playground for kiddos, and lots of friends and fun!!

The pup got to come along for the fun too. 

We went to dinner with some friends and had a couple of after dinner drinks. All in all a great weekend so far!!

Now we are off to get this day started. 

Happy Mothers Day!! I ❤️ my momma and all of the great women in my life!!

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