Friday, May 9, 2014

Advocare Update

10 day cleanse phase is done!!! Yay!!  Here are some of the things that I have experienced so far. 

Mornings-the morning routine is quite a change for me. Waiting 30 minutes between drinking the fiber and eating breakfast meant getting up earlier. I also don't normally take in that many calories for breakfast. The upside-it was easy to wake up early. I have been waking up refreshed instead of sluggish...which is a fantastic change! 

Food and drink-Mmmm...fiber!! It's actually not bad. I didn't have any trouble drinking it. I also found my love of salads again! Eliminating processed food and sodas was easier than I thought it would be too. 

I have had some alcoholic drinks. I decided not to change my lifestyle very much because I want most of the changes to be ongoing. That is a personal preference. 

Fitness-I did find that my energy levels have been down. I tried to go for a long run, but only made 4.5. Other than that, my fitness routine remained the same. 

Other side effects-I had to pee all the time the first few days. I admit that I'm a terrible water drinker, so that was a huge change. I also noticed being a little foggy and off on a few days. I think this was just from not eating enough. This has been a great diet reset!!  

And now for the RESULTS!!!! I lost 2 pounds (a lot for me in 10 days) and my stomach feels flatter. 

Have you done the 24DC? Any tips or results you would like to share?


  1. I've never done a cleanse. Actually, to be more honest, I haven't actually FOLLOWED THROUGH with a ;) I have bad willpower when it comes to NOT eating. BUT, the cleanse you did seems like it would be a little easier, because you were able to still eat FOOD! Not just like, a "90 day veggie soup cleanse", or a 7 day "smoothie only cleanse"

    1. It helps make you focus on what you are eating without making you only take in liquids. I have enjoyed it so far...more of a diet reset.

  2. I am on Day 8 and so far so good. I planned to not have any alcohol but just couldn't resist a little on date night after a particularly horrendous work day. The biggest takeaway for me thus far has been how much better I feel in general getting back to clean eating. I am using this as a prelude to my marathon training cycle. Excited to hear about the remainder of yours and see my results come the end!

    1. It sounds like you are doing fantastic!!! I have been loving the challenge so far. I have noticed a huge change in energy levels after getting past the 10 day cleanse. The Max phase is where it's at!! I can't wait to hear your 10 day update!