Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Top Fitness Trends

US News did an article in January predicting the 2014 Fitness Trends: What's In, What's Out.  I thought it would be fun to check out how the predictions have panned out!

#1-HIIT-High Intensity Interval Training-I am all for this one as long as people use good form.  Who doesn't love doing burpees???  Disclaimer: It is so easy to get injured doing the high intensity activities, so use good form and make sure you stop if it gets too intense!! 

#2-Body Weight Training-I'm on board for this one too.  Free and a great workout!!  Pushups, pullups, etc.  I like to combine body weight exercises into my HIIT workouts for a little cardio mixed in with strength training.  This is a tough full body workout that requires no equipment.

#3-Educated, certified, and experienced fitness professionals.  According to the article the trainer industry is expected to grow by 24% by 2020.  It is a great thing and a dangerous thing all at once.  I have heard so many people say that they want to be a trainer or wellness coach when they begin their fitness / wellness journey.  It is natural to be on a high and want to bring others with you.  The problem is that this drive fades, and what works for you might not work for everyone else.  I personally love sharing my journey, but in no way to I claim that what I do will work for you.  I'm pretty sure that wine-loading instead of carb-loading before a race is not for everyone!!  This article predicts more regulations and restrictions in the industry.

#4-Functional Fitness-I'm not sure I get this one.  Here is the description: The functional fitness solution: an upper-body strength training program geared toward lifting and carrying heavy bags.  Huh?

#5-Fitness Programs for Older Adults-This makes me think of my future father in law.  He hired a trainer and she makes him do all kinds of fun exercises.  We even got him to do a burpee before walking his daughter down the aisle last year.  Isn't this what Richard Simmons has been trying to do for years?!?! 

#6-Exercise Programs for kids-This is a hot topic.  I am not a parent, so knowing how to handle childhood obesity is not something that I have any expertise or advice on.  I know it is an issue and something should be done, so having a fun way for kids to play and exercise seems like a great thing!!!   

#7-Group Personal Training-What a great way to get some 1x1 attention and advice from a trainer and spend some QT with friends.  Plus, if you are crazy competitive like me, you will push harder!!!

#8-Yoga-It is so good for you and I am so terrible at doing it.  I can't hold poses and breath-not to mention I am super uncoordinated.  I fall over and I'm sure I drive everyone crazy!!  I know I need to be doing it...and so do you!  Especially if it is on a beach.

Now for what's out-per US News.  Pilates, Zumba and Spinning.  I disagree on spinning.  I think there is still a lot of people who like to do spinning and it is a great workout. 

Overall-the list was pretty good and pretty interesting

What is your favorite fitness trend in 2014? 

Do you agree with this list of what's in and what's out? 

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  1. Yoga is by far my favorite fitness trend. It always makes me feel so refreshed and has totally changed how I run for the better. I also disagree with spinning. I love spin class and go consistently. Zumba is definitely out. I have never really felt like it gave a good workout.