Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Miles and Yoga and Pampering, oh my!

Tonight was a great night where I got to be totally selfish. The fiancĂ© came home after work to take care of the pup and then headed out to golf. 

This let me be free to run 4 miles and get a manicure. It's cloudy and chilly, so I got a fun and spring-like mani!! 

A quick stop at World Market to pick up a new coffee table for our future patio. 

And of course I got some wine while I was there!!

I decided to do some yoga when I got home. I ordered this book years ago, but it rarely gets used. I had good intentions when I bought it!!

I did this routine...well, not the splits. I can barely touch my toes!!

This is what Porter does while I do's hard to concentrate on breathing with this adorable pup staring at me!!

After yoga and a shrimp and edamame salad, I sat down to watch bad reality tv!! 

My kinda night! What do you do when you have a free night?

Do you have a go to post run yoga routine? The Slim, Calm, Sexy Yoga book from Women's Health has a routine for every situation (even hangovers). I really need to get yoga into my workout regime!!!  


  1. When I have a free night, I like to take a long hot bubble bath complete with good book and glass of prosecco. I don't run but I'm a huge fan of yoga. I also have the Slim, Calm and Sexy Yoga book but don't use it enough. I like the AM Metabolism Kickoff a lot. It really helps get my day started right!!

    1. I will have to try out the AM Metbolism Kickoff