Friday, May 16, 2014

Favorites and a Confession

Confession time-I have eaten way too many calories this week for a taper week. My workouts have been super light this week and I have eaten too much. To make it worse, I had wine and goldfish crackers last night and no workout. 24DC-not approved!!

So what to do, start today with meal replacement shake and get it together!! Gotta keep moving and not let slip ups get you down.  This pic from that I found on Facebook says it well. 

Not every day is clean eating and running and I don't want to pretend with you guys. 

Now that that's off my chest, it's time for Friday Favorites!! I have been linking up with Katie for Friday Favorites the past few weeks. Head over to her blog for the linkup. 

Favorites this week:
Time for another half marathon this weekend!!  It's a tough course, but the weather is supposed to be perfect!! After the disaster from my last half, I'm looking forward to tomorrow. 

I always go into races with the attitude to just want to have a good race and do my best.

A little crisp white wine last night. I think our puppy might have a drinking problem. :) he was very jealous!!

Coconut oil-I put a little in my hair yesterday after my shower to help with frizz and give my hair some moisture. It helped a lot!! Our Trader Joe's sells it for around $6 which is pretty cheap! Especially since coconut oil is super trendy right now. 

Do you have any races this weekend?  

Do you use coconut oil? I have tried oil pulling, using it as a moisturizer, and in my hair. Oil pulling-ain't no body got time for 20 minutes of swishing oil around!!

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  1. Thanks for linking up!! I LOVE coconut oil - best stuff ever!