Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Wrapup

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!  I had a fun and active weekend. 

Friday the Kansas City Royals mascot was at the office taking photos with employees. I had to go get my picture taken!! It's not every day that Slugger proposes to you! 

After work, it was a low key night. Half marathons come early!! We did some porch sitting and puppy snuggling!

Porter thinks he belongs on the glider with us at all times!! He usually sits next to me, but not Bobby...

Saturday morning was the half marathon in the morning. Check out the recap here

Then we hit the driving range and ran errands. 

Date night-out for Mexican food and walking around the cute little area of shops and restaurants called Park Place by our house. 

We watched American Hustle when we got home and I went to bed early again. 

Volleyball tournament pool play started bright and early on Sunday morning. We won our pool and will play tonight in the actual tourney. Motto for the day...

I managed to do some packing and cleaning and then cooked up a little dinner.  After dinner, I did some stretching and yoga.  

Well, I attempted yoga...I had lots of help!

How was your weekend? 


  1. I need to get to the driving range - perfect summer activity!!

  2. I keep going, but I don't think I am getting any better! Practice, practice, practice. :)