Monday, June 16, 2014

Moving Weekend

We had a crazy weekend.  It was moving weekend.  We are lucky to have friends with trailers who are willing to help us move.  We moved from our 2 bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom rental house and managed to dog sit and throw a BBQ in the same weekend.

Friday we had so much help.  It was amazing.  The 3 girls and I moved all of the boxes in a truck, suburban, my SUV, and a car with a huge trunk in a trip and a half.  The 3 boys moved all of the big stuff from our apartment.  It went pretty quick.  We started at 9am and had all of the stuff moved to the new place by 1pm.  Quick lunch and it was time to start unpacking.

By Friday night, we had almost all of our stuff unpacked and hung on the walls.  We had a few large items stored in the fiance's parent's basement, so I sent Bobby and his brother in law to pick them up while I finished unpacking the closet and bathrooms.  I painted a few pieces of furniture on Saturday night and let them dry over night.

My favorite project-this coffee table was a dark wood color before.

This was a cherry red before I painted it.  I love the little bits of red coming through!

We spent Sunday morning running errands and picking up the last few things we needed to make the rental house a home. 


Living room

Our favorite part of the house-screened in porch!!


Dining room

By Sunday evening, we were all set.  Just in time to have a Father's Day BBQ!!!  We invited Bobby's parents and grandparents, his sister and her husband, and her husband's parents over for burgers and brats.  The moms made pies and homemade ice cream.  Yummy!!!  It was a perfect way to break in the new place!!

How was your weekend?
Do you hire movers?  We decided that this is the last time that we will move ourselves.  When we move again-hiring people!  :)  Is this like when you have a hangover and say you're never drinking again?


  1. whew - I am tuckered out by just reading everything you did this weekend! nice work. . . :)

    1. Definitely worn out, but worth it to be settled in! :)

  2. Holy smokes, you unpack quick! Nicely done. Maybe I'll hire you the next time we move :) ~Ree

    1. We had so much help!! I am so thankful for them and happy to be done! :)