Friday, June 13, 2014

5 Things Friday

Happy Friday!  It's MOVING day at our place.  We will be busy workers all day getting stuff moved from the apartment to the new house.  Thankfully we have lots of helpers!!

I plan to move like this polar bear...

I'm linking up with Katie, Clare, and Heather again this week. As always, check out their blogs for more Friday Favorites! Thank you girls for guys are awesome and I love reading the linkups!!

This week favorites are super random.

#1-I had a blizzard mini for my birthday treat.  I wanted the confetti cake blizzard, but apparently that was the flavor of the month in April or May.  Booo!!  This month was s'mores which sounded delicious, but I got Snickers instead.  It was so good that I decided that I don't think I eat enough ice cream! :)

#2-It is fitting that the World Cup starts this week...and Corporate Challenge soccer is this week too.  I love watching the final games and learning more about soccer.  Once every 4 years is enough for me though!

3v3 Women's soccer is no joke!  Our team is terrible because everyone is like me-athletic with 0 soccer skills.  We can run around, but have no ball control or game plan.  I have seen 3 year olds with better skills than me!

#3-I have been slacking this week on workouts.  Between the rain and packing, I haven't had a ton of time.  Here is a quick recap:

Monday-Bike 30 minutes on my indoor trainer + Leg body weight workout
Tuesday-nothing-packing all night
Wednesday-1.5 mile walk/jog with the pup + league volleyball game
Thursday-Corporate Challenge Soccer-2 games of sprinting around after the ball.  I may look silly, but it is a great workout!!
Friday-Quick 3 mile run before moving all day
Saturday-unpacking/moving/cleaning + I will try to squeeze in a long walk with the pup to check out the new neighborhood.
Sunday-rest day-Father's Day

#4-It's almost Father's Day.  I sent my dad a nice card and a gift card to Lowe's.  Has anyone else noticed that guys are always harder to shop for?  Gift cards are a good and easy gift...especially when your family is far away and you mail gifts.  Bobby's parents, grandparents, sister and her hubby and his parents are all coming over to our new place for a cookout.  I'll be missing my family, but it should be a fun night with my future family!

#5-I gave in and signed up for Stitch Fix.  I have been considering it for awhile.  If you haven't heard of it, it is a subscription service.  You pay $20 and fill out some questions to create a style profile.  You can link to your Pinterest boards, Twitter, and Linked In so the stylist can get a better idea of what you might like.  They send you 5 items.  If you decide to keep anything, the $20 goes toward the items.  If you keep all 5 items, it is 25%.  Then you ship back what you don't want.  Seems simple enough and super fun!!  I want to dress a little nicer-aka not in workout clothes or business casual work clothes all the time.  I'm hoping the stylist will find things that I wouldn't normally try on.  I am very excited to get my first box in August.  They must be crazy busy right now because the wait seems like a long time.

Questions for the day:
What did you get your dad/husband/etc for Father's Day?
Do you use Stitch Fix or any other monthly subscriptions?  I have tried quite a few...Fabletics, Birchbox, Barkbox, Naturebox, and Beauty Army.  I found the beauty products from Birchbox and Beauty Army were really fun, but I couldn't keep up with the samples.  I started accumulating way too many, so I canceled them.  I tried Barkbox for 2 months.  I loved the fun boxes, but the pup doesn't need treats and new toys each month.  So I canceled it too.  I keep Naturebox and Fabletics, but skip months often.  I like the products, so I want to be able to pick back up when I need stuff. 

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  1. woo hoo for Stitch Fix!! Can't wait to see what you get. :) And you MUST try the smores blizzard this summer - so good!!