Thursday, June 12, 2014

Goals for the Upcoming Year

My last post was about reflecting on all of the amazing moments from the year that I turned 30.  It was so great to reflect and look back.  Now it is time to look forward and set goals for the next year. 

Personal Goals:
*Have a stress free and non-Bridezilla wedding.  Weddings are supposed to a joyous time and I want to really enjoy the process. 
*Become involved with Girls on the Run.  I signed up to be a coach for the fall session of GOTR.  I'm very excited for the opportunity to be a positive influence in younger girls lives.
*Have a good attitude at work.  I admit, I have been a little burned out and cranky at work.  We recently found out that our company is being sold to a smaller company.  It has lowered morale all over, but I would like to have a good attitude and do my best to make the change easier and better.
*Be more mindful of what I put in my body.  This began with the 24 Day Challenge and I would like to continue clean eating.  This means more time and effort in the recipes!
*Spend quality time with friends and family.  This is always a goal of mine.  It is so easy to get wrapped up in the ease of technology that we forget to connect on a personal level. 

Fitness Goals:
*Continue using Charity Miles and Walk for a Dog apps for my runs and walks.  Charity Miles lets you choose the charity you want to donate your miles to and a company will donate $.25 for every mile you run.  Walk for a Dog is similar, but they donate to an animal shelter near you.  These are activities that are done often anyway, so why not do some good?
*Build in more strength training-I am so bad about strength training.  I'm hoping that having a home gym will help with my motivation. 
*Step out my comfort zone-I would like to try something new-Tough Mudder, a double road race, something that I have never done. 

Blogging Goals:
*Improve content and posts.  I love the Treat Yourself Tuesday and Friday Favorites linkups.  I will continue though, but I would like to dive a little deeper in at least one post each week.
*Network-I love reading other blogs and communicating with other bloggers.  I would like to continue to build these relationships and even attend conferences-hello these Blend recaps have been amazing!
*Learn more about website design.  I would like to take a class to help me to learn more about website design and improvement.
*Improve photography-Honestly, I just use my phone most of the time and the pictures are just taken on the fly.  I want to put a little more effort into photography.
*Basically-overall improvements. 

What are your goals for your future?  Do you re-evaluate them often?

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  1. Those look like great goals!! I especially love networking and stress free wedding!! My goal right now is all about happiness. :)

    1. Your happiness post was awesome! I love the positivity!

  2. Girls on the Run is SUCH a fun one to get involved with!

    Good luck with wedding planning, I just got married in April and I didn't experience any of the bride-zilla craziness! Just make sure you surround yourself with those calm and fun people and you'll do great! :)

    1. I'm really looking forward to volunteering with GOTR. I saw that they have people dress up like super heros for the runs too. I happen to own a cape! :)

      Congratulations on getting married in April!!

  3. All great goals! Good luck with the wedding planning. I've never heard of Walk for a Dog but I'm heading over to their site to check it out right now! Thanks for sharing. ~Ree

    1. The gps isn't the best, but it is still a fun app! Might as well help a shelter when you're out walking your pup. :)

  4. Good goals!! I have some of the same goals, so we can work on them together! ;) One day at a time...

    1. One day at a time is right!! We can keep each other on track. :)