Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Life Begins at 30?

I started this blog last year a few months after I turned 30.  I was and still am very excited about what this new decade will bring.  Today is my birthday, so I thought it would be fitting to look back over the past year...which by the way has been one of the best of my life!!!

I got to celebrate turning 30 with my good friends for a fun night before heading to Mexico with my family. 

This year was a little more low key with brunch with the girls and a nice dinner out with Bobby, but I guess you can't go big EVERY year. :)  Good thing I love the low key moments too!

Top 10 Moments from last year...

#10-Keeping up with Sports.

I got a PR in the half in May 2014 and 5K this past weekend.  I was so excited to get new personal records this year.  I also ran 2 other halfs that were not PR's but were still fun because they were done with friends.  Speaking of sports with friends, our sand volleyball team was so fun and always up for a good time and a few beers while playing!!  I guess turning 30 didn't slow me down at all!!! 

#9-Concerts with friends. 

I went to see Beyonce with my sister and future sister in law.  We had so much fun on a mini vacation to OKC to check it out and Beyonce put on an amazing show!

I also saw Chelsea Handler with some girlfriends.  She is hilarious and so honest! 

#8-Lots of Parties with Friends

We went to a lot of fun and random parties with friends over the past year.  I found these group photos from a few of them.  :)

Thrift Shop Party

Girls Christmas Party

New Year's Eve/PJ party

Ugly Sweater Fondue Party
#7-Our 4 Year Anniversary

We decided to be KC tourists and go to a couple of the museums and a local restaurant.  It was such a fun day walking around the city and pretending to be tourists.

#6-Trying new stuff

I love new adventures and trying new things.  I'm always up to try something new!!

Tubing down an ice slope

Going to the top of Liberty Memorial

Oyster Shooters

Hike and Zip Adventure

#5-Being a part of weddings.

My future sister in law and her husband got married last year.  She also happens to be one of my best friends.  I got to be her MOH and only bridesmaid.  I had a blast planning her shower and bachelorette weekend.

Me and the Bride at her bachelorette dinner

The girls at the Bachelorette Party

Champagne Brunch and Friend Shower

I can't wait to join this family!
I also took a mini trip to Dallas to attend a girl friend's bachelorette party weekend.  It was so fun to spend some time with the girls.  

#4-So many trips.

I love to travel and take little trips to various places.  Over the past year I have taken quite a few little trips. 

Oregon Coast

Wine tasting in Oregon

Arizona for random work trip

Seattle with the girls

Vegas Baby!
#3-Trips to Texas to see my family

I live 600 miles away from my family, so all trips to see them are special and wonderful!  I even convinced everyone to participate in the Thanksgiving 5K.  Some came to cheer and some to run.  It was so fun and a great new tradition!

Group pic from Thanksgiving 5K

Wedding dress shopping-I couldn't have asked for a more special and wonderful day!!

Easter with the family.  Lots of Quality Time!
#2-Getting our Fur Baby!!

We lucked out with such and amazing puppy.  He has the sweetest personality and is adorable.  I couldn't love him more!!  I know I put a ton of pictures on the blog, so just one collage. :)

He was so tiny!
And the number 1 moment from my 30th year....GETTING ENGAGED!!!! 

30 was amazing and I can't wait to see what 31 has to offer.  I'm so excited to be married to my amazing fiance and to see what adventures come our way!

What are your favorite moments from the past year?


  1. You had quite a great year! :)

  2. Happy birthday! I think your top 10 list is just fabulous! Way to celebrate those moments!