Sunday, June 8, 2014

New 5k PR and Birthday Brunch

This weekend flew by!!!  We went to check out the new Cinetopia theater in town. It is really cool. The bar and restaurant are very nice with a great wine and beer selection and really tasty lookin food. We had drink before the movie and then took our to go beers into the theater. Another drink in the movie and we were set.

We saw a Million Ways to Die in the West. I thought it was really funny!! It is pretty crass, but I liked it. 

Saturday morning I ran the Crazy Cow 5K. It was a super small race that my friend organized. There were less than 100 runners and it was raining. We had a lot of fun though. I ran a new personal best of 22:54. I was pumped!! I have never broken 33 minutes. 

We also won best costume for our sweet masks...

Later on Saturday I went to a graduation party and a 40th birthday party for a friend. Both were very fun parties!! 

Sunday the girls got together for an early birthday brunch since my birthday is on Wednesday. Weekends are so full that we decided a low key brunch. It was a blast! We laughed and chatted all morning. 

I'm lucky to have such great girlfriends!! They know me so well...

What did you do this weekend? 

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  1. Love those masks and medals from your race - congrats on the PR!! We just hung around and enjoyed the sunshine this weekend! And now it's raining. . .