Friday, June 6, 2014

Five Things Friday

Thank goodness it is Friday.  This has been a LLLOOOONNNNGGGG week.  I am the captain for my company in track as part of Corporate Challenge. Each company can enter 2 people in each age group (18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+) in the 100M, 400M, and mile, there are also 3 relays that must consist of 2 men and 2 women of any age, and long jump and shot put which can be 2 men and 2 women in each event from any age.  That means that I am coordinating 50+ people for their various events during the week along with getting myself ready for my own events.  Good thing I really like track!! 

#1-This week's track/workout recap:
Monday: Straight from work to the track for the start of track week.  My workout was: warm-up, stretching and drills before the 400M race.  I ended up getting 5th in my age group in the 400M race.  Then I spent the night running around at the track until 10:30 when our last race completed.
Tuesday: 3 mile run in the morning + 1 mile cool down walk.  That night I took the pup for a 2 mile run/walk after work before heading to the track at 5 for the mile event.  I didn't run this one because we had other girls who wanted to run. 
Wednesday: National Running Day-so I had to run in the morning.  I did 3 miles again.  After work I hit the track for the 100M, Long Jump, and the Sprint Medley Relay.  I got 3rd in my age group in the 100M, 6th in long jump, and our relay got 2nd place in our division.  The last race started at 11pm, so I was tired by the time I got home!
Thursday: I was too tired to get up and run and it was raining, so I slept in.  The Distance Medley Relay and the Mile Relay were the events.  We skipped the DMR because we didn't have enough people who wanted to run.  So my workout consisted of warmup, stretching and drills before my 400M of the mile relay.  After I got home, I went for a quick run/walk with the pup to get in a few more miles.
Friday: Forecast is rain, so I plan to bike after work on my indoor trainer.  Something light and easy!
Saturday: More rain and I am supposed to run a 5k that a friend is organizing.  I hope it is holds off!!

#2-Movie Night!!  Tonight we are going to see A Million Ways to Die in the West with some friends at a new theater called Cinetopia.  The theater is brand new and has a bar area, restaurant and the theaters are all different.  There are standard theaters, living rooms setups, and lounge type setups.  It will be a fun adventure!

#3-Packing?!??!!  We are moving next weekend and I am so behind on packing.  I haven't had time and I don't have a lot of free time.  Any tips for quick packing/organizing?  I love throwing things out and really purging old junk when I move, but I don't know if I will have time this move!!

#4-It's my birthday month!!!!  Yep, you read that right-birthday month!  I usually like to celebrate with a whole month of birthday treats.  This year, I am having a birthday brunch with the girls on Sunday and then Bobby is taking me out to a nice dinner on Monday.  Who doesn't love brunch...mimosas!!

#5-Bacon Wrapped Corn Cobs...
I found this on pinterest and it isn't something that I ever considered, but now I MUST HAVE IT!!!  They sounds amazing!  Has anyone ever made these?  

I'm linking up with Katie, Clare, and Heather again this week.  As always, check out their blogs for more Friday Favorites!  Thank you girls for hosting!!

Do you have any exciting weekend plans?


  1. Good luck packing - no fun! And let me know about that movie!!

    1. The movie was really funny! I liked it a lot. Some crass parts, but I'm not easily offended. I thought it was funnier than Ted. :)

  2. YUM! Bacon wrapped corn- you had me there. :)

    Have a great week!


    1. I will definitely have to do a review post once I make them!