Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Workout Wednesday

Between moving and work, I have been wiped out at night.  This will just be a quick post to check in and see how everyone is doing!

Thursday: I attempted to play soccer for corporate challenge.  It is 3v3 and I have no soccer skills.  I mostly run around on the field like a little kid.   I did end up making 2 goals and assisting on another.  So I consider that a success!  And of course, it was really fun!
Exhibit A-where I am running?  No ball in sight

Exhibit B-still not near the ball
Team Photo

I ended up running 5 miles on Friday before our move.  It was a beautiful morning, so I couldn't resist heading out for a run to start the day.  Then we moved all day on Friday and Saturday-counting that as a workout on both days!!

Sunday-I took the day off from working out and just did stuff around the house and ran lots of errands.  It was an active rest day because of all of the walking and running around.

Monday-I did this workout since I worked from home:

Tuesday: Rest day-I was pretty tired yesterday, so I decided to skip the workout and just enjoy the day.

Wednesday: Tonight after work, I am going to run a HOT 3 miles.  Then I have a volleyball game with my indoor women's team.

Thursday: Plan is to run in the morning or after work
Friday: I am helping my future SIL move all day, so that will be my workout-unless it is a really nice day.  Then I will squeeze in a run in the morning. :)
Saturday and Sunday-Flag Football tournament-it is coed and should be really fun!

Tell me about your workouts this week...


  1. Busy gal! I'm playing tennis twice this week, which is one less day than usual for me, and I have a round of golf scheduled for Friday. I bailed on my weights yesterday so I'll need to make up for that this weekend. My husband's on a business trip so I have time to kill anyways :) ~Ree

    1. I'm trying to get my golf game to where I can play a par 3. I'm so jealous that you are going to play a round of golf on Friday! Someday...I will get there. :)