Friday, June 20, 2014

Five Things Friday

Happy Friday to all!  This week has flown by and I have been a terrible blogger.  No food pics, no exercise pics and I missed a post on Thursday!!  Such is life though...I'll be better next week.  :)  That is my philosophy on all things-just try to be better and get back on track.  No sense in dwelling on the past-learn from what happened and move forward!

Anyway-let's get to it...Friday posts are my favorite because I get to talk about my favorite things or just come up with 5 random things that I have been thinking is the latter!  Thank you Heather, Katie, and Clare for hosting Friday linkups!!  Be sure to check out their blogs and the other links to see what people are up to this Friday.

#1-I'm helping my future SIL and her husband move this weekend.  They helped us move, so we are returning the favor.  Moving 2 weekends in a row should not be something that occurs in the future!  Oh yeah-I'm hiring movers next time...or so I keep saying!!  I don't mind moving, but I am fitting it in while playing in a flag football tournament in the mornings.  This is going to be a busy and interesting weekend.  I hope I can move my body on Monday!

#2-I keep finding recipes for crockpot mac and cheese.  Has anyone made this?  In theory it sounds wonderful, but the one time that I put pasta in the crockpot was a disaster.  The noodles soaked up all of the liquid and were a gross mess.  Obviously, it was something that I did wrong, but I would love some tips.  I want to try out this recipe from Julie Eats and Treats, but lighten it up a bit.

#3-I'm really excited to do yard work this summer.  I have never had my own yard to take care of.  I'm even excited for tree trimming and hedge clipping.  Yes, I am a TOTAL dork!!

#4-Most of you won't care about this one, but I'm super pumped.  The Royals are 1st in their division right now!!  This is very exciting because they are normally terrible.  If you are interested, you can read all about it here. It's the little things that make me smile!  A night out at the ballpark is one of them!  Go Royals!!

#5-The fiance's parents made homemade ice cream on Father's Day and it was amazing!!  It made me want to get an old fashioned ice cream maker so that I can have it all the time.  It could be a very dangerous habit, so I will stick to letting them make it for special occasions. 

What are you plans for the weekend?
Do you have a favorite flavor of homemade ice cream?  Mine is plain vanilla.  Can't go wrong!!
Please share tips on cooking crockpot mac and cheese if you have them! 

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  1. That mac and cheese looks amazing - please try it and report back!! Good luck moving this weekend. Make sure to get some froyo or a blizzard when you are done!!