Sunday, August 31, 2014

San Antonio Walking Tour

Hello all-I'm currently in San Antonio for my future sister in law's bachelorette weekend.  I arrived earlier than most of the girls, so I decided to take advantage of my time and do some site seeing.  Anne at Fannetastic Food gave me a great idea...okay, I stole her do a running tour of the city.  She did one in Paris (way better!!) and you should read all about it here.

I decided to do a self guided running tour of San Antonio since it was a random Friday and I didn't fly in until 10:30 in the morning. I ended up walking most of it because Labor Day weekend is crazy!

I started at the Alamo. I walked through it a few times as a kid, so I opted to just swing by for a few photos. 

Next up was Hemisfair Park...I walked over and checked out Tower of Americas and some beautiful fountains. 

I took went down to the Riverwalk to spend a little time people watching and checking out the beautiful scenery.  I was not disappointed!

San Fernando Cathedral is another beautiful site. I went in for a minute, but they were in the middle of a service. 

I read about this amazing restaurant and bakery called Mi Tierra that is in the middle of El Mercado. The market was so cute. So many shops and a really cute atmosphere!

My Shiner Boch and fish tacos were so good! Probably the best food the whole trip!

What was the best thing you ate this weekend? 

What was the highlight of your Labor Day weekend?

More recaps to come. :)

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  1. A running tour sounds like such a great idea. Thanks for sharing your run with us!
    Best thing I ate this weekend…we had a delicious salmon salad on Saturday night that was just so tasty...