Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Treat Yourself Tuesday #26

I can't believe it is already Tuesday. I love short weeks!! I'm linking up with Becky again for Treat Yourself Tuesday. Check out her linkup for the many reasons why it is so great and important to treat yourself here

My treats this week are from San Antonio. It was a really great weekend!!

#1-Shiner Boch-I always drink Shiner in Texas because it is one of my faves and it is made in Shiner, TX. 


#2-I treated myself to a trip to the zoo. I love visiting zoos and checking out the animals. I did discover that going to the zoo tv yourself goes very fast! See animal, take pictures of your favorites and move along. It was fun to see the animals and the people too. :)

#3-it was pretty warm so I treated myself to a strawberry fruit bar. I need more of these in my life! So sweet and refreshing!!!

#4-wine tasting in Texas Hill Country. A limo picked us up at the hotel and took us to 3 wineries near Fredricksburg. The wines were great and it was a really great day!

We even got to stomp grapes! This is something that I always wanted to try. So squishy!! 

It was great getting to know my brother's fiancé more and meeting her friends. Such great girls!!

#5-I treated myself to runs both mornings. The view was beautiful!

#6-Dunkin Donuts iced tea. I have had the coffee, but I didn't realize that they make a fantastic tea as well. It was just what I needed for a refreshing airport drink!

How did you treat yourself this week?


  1. OMG you stomped grapes. I've always wondered what that would feel like...

    1. It aw super gross, but def glad that I checked it off of my bucket list. :)