Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Treat Yourself Tuesday #24

This Treat Yourself Tuesday is all about my treats from Monday.   Check out Becky's blog for the ways other people are treating themselves.

I started my treats by heading to the chiropractor. I desperately needed to be fixed.  I noticed that I was running with my left foot turned out on Sunday.  This is never a good sign...not only do I look like a weirdo, but it makes my knees hurt.  Luckily, my chiropractor is fantastic and I can always get in for a quick adjustment.  I felt a million times better for my afternoon run.   
My second treat was downloading my new favorite song. All About that Bass is so catchy and fun.  I heard it a few weeks ago when the radio started playing it all the time because Meghan Trainor came to town for a concert.  Perfect summer song!! 

I hit the trail for a quick 3 mile run.  It was crazy hot, but worth the sweat factor.  I have never completed a run and been upset that I made it.  Lesson of the day-run in the morning so you don't have to sweat your booty off in the afternoon!

Post run recovery juice. This one had cucumber, grapes, lemon, spinach and pear. So tasty!  They make me want to buy a juicer!!  Bobby and I got tons of fruit to make smoothies this week in our new Ninja blender...hopefully this will help curb my new juice addiction. 

Bobby and I treated ourselves to dinner at Jack Stack barbecue. So much food!!  We shared a pick 3 platter of burnt ends, chicken and pork baby back ribs.  The sides steal the show for me.  Cheesy corn, cheesy potatoes, and baked beans.  Best in town in my opinion!!   I dug in and totally forgot to take a food picture of ALL the food, but I did manage to find a picture of someone else's food. :)

Last but not least, we ended the night by relaxing in the couch watching Master Chef. Much needed!!  We have had some busy weekends lately, so a calm night on the couch to recover is a perfect end to Monday.

Are you a morning runner?  Any tips for me?  I have the hardest time getting up to workout or run!!

Have you treated yourself this week?


  1. Your post-run recovery juice sounds tasty AND healthy. We don't have any healthy smoothie places (at least none that I've found) nearby, so that's usually not an option for me.

    When I was running regularly, I was totally a morning runner. If I didn't get it done first thing in the morning, it never happened. It was harder to run in the morning in the winter. On those days, I would actually wear my jog bra to bed (and sometimes my entire running outfit), so that all I had to do was jump out of bed, wash my face, have a half cup of coffee, and then I was out the door.