Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall Bucket List

Since we are a few days into Fall, I created this Fall Bucket List.  I didn't put a year on it because these are things that I love to do every fall!!! 

Let's talk about some of my faves from my bucket list...
Run on a Trail After the Leaves Change
While out running on the trail yesterday, I noticed quite a few leaves are already falling.  Fall is my favorite time of year to run on the trails around Kansas City.  The leaves change and surround you in beautiful red, orange and yellow colors!!  

Make S'mores
Let's face it-s'mores are amazing any time of the year!!!  There is nothing better on a chilly night than sitting around a fire and roasting marshmallows.  

Attend and Oktoberfest Celebration
Or have your own at home!!  I am a big fan of fall beers-Oktoberfest, Pumpkin Ales, Oatmeal Stouts...the list goes on.  It is always fun to attend Oktoberfest Celebrations to discover new beers and great German food!
Watch Scary Movies
Halloween time is when all of the new scary movies come to theaters and the old ones are on tv.  I like to curl up with a blanket and watch.  I'm a big baby, so I cover my face with the blanket during the really scary parts!!
Photo Shoot in the Leaves
If this didn't require raking, it would be one of my top three.  I love playing in the leaves and my pup is hilarious when he runs through them!!  
Cheer at a Football Game
I love attending football games.  The tailgating, the crowd, the cheering...all of it!!  I'm heading to my first game on Monday night to cheer on the Chiefs!  I can't wait!!
Carve or Decorate Pumpkins
I'm a decorate kind of girl.  I love painting pumpkins and using glitter and stickers to make them fun!!  We usually have a little girls night in to decorate and drink wine!
Pumpkin Spice Lattes
I don't care that there is not really pumpkin in them.  I love them!!  Confession-I actually drink them year round if it is chilly.  

According to Buzzfeed, I'm definitely basic! If you haven't checked out the Buzzfeed article, 17 Fall Activities All Basic Girls Love, I recommend it.  It is funny and I'm definitely stealing some of their ideas this fall!!

I'm pretty sure this qualifies as ~Thinking Out Loud~ so I am linking up with Amanda today.  

There is a chill in the air and football on the tv!   What is on your Fall Bucket List?


  1. Fun list. I love the idea of taking photos of your puppy in the leaves. So adorable.

  2. Great list!! Oktoberfest celebrations are always a good time :) On my list- hmm, I've been really wanting to make an apple pie lately.

    1. I fail at baking every time!! I'll just be envious of your beautiful pie when you check that off of your list. :)

  3. I'm the BIGGEST wimp when it comes to scary movies. In fact, I haven't watched one since The Ring in 2002 because I literally couldn't sleep normal for like 2 weeks after it and decided to swear off scary movies for good lol.

    1. That's funny! I just hide my eyes for about half of the movie. :)

  4. Mmm I could go for some s'mores right now! What a great idea! I love your fall bucket list. They all sound good. I second the scaaaary movies. I LOVE scary movies (and love being scared).

  5. haha I read that list on Buzzfeed and agreed with most of them. Love your list too. Fall is my absolute favorite!