Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Trader Joe's Staples

Most people do What I Ate Wednesday, but not this girl.  One-my eats haven't been very exciting lately.  I drink a smoothie for breakfast and have a salad for lunch most days...that is not the most exciting WIAW to show you.  Two-I keep chowing down instead of taking a picture before I eat.  Whoopsy!!  I do typically take pictures of fun dinners, but I can't wait until Wednesdays to share them.  So instead, I am bringing you-My Trader Joe's Staples.

I absolutely love Trader Joe's.  The staff is friendly, the products are fun and there is a ton of variety!!  There are even several blogs about it.  Including a What's Good at Trader Joe's blog where a couple of guys try out products and give reviews.  I have never regretted taking their advice.

There are a few things that I get EVERY time I make a TJ's run. 

Brown Rice-frozen packs of brown rice.  They cook in 3 minutes in the microwave and come out fluffy and delicious.  So easy!!

Roasted Corn-I love corn, but I never think to roast it.  The bags of frozen roasted corn and great!  I usually throw some on my salads for some extra flavor.

Chile Lime Chicken Burgers-I recently discovered these gems.  The flavor is outstanding!  Great for a burger or to crumble up as a salad topping.  Or just to eat right off the grill!!

Garlic Olive Oil-This is cheaper than a lot of your infused olive oils.  I think the quality is good and you can really tasted the garlic.  I pretty much use it for all of my cooking!

Steel Cut Oats-These last for a long time and are quick cooking.  Almond milk, peanutbutter, honey and a dash of cinammon...yes please!

Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup-I pair this with a grilled cheese sandwich for lunches in the fall and winter.  Perfect combination for a warm and comforting meal!!

Chipotle Pepper Hummus-Super creamy and flavorful hummus.  I love the hint of smokiness from the chipotle peppers. 

Sea Salt Pita Crackers-A must buy because they pair nicely with the hummus!! :)

Avocados-Trader Joe's has great produce, but I usually try to buy from the Farmer's Market when I can.  The exception is avocados.  They have great avocados for a really good price!!  They are always cheaper than the grocery store and avocados do not grow in the TJ's for the win.

Dark Chocolate Covered Carmels-These are great to have instead of a full dessert.  The 2 pieces always satisfy my chocolate/sweet cravings.

Charles Shaw Wine aka...Two Buck Chuck- It is actually $2.99, but I am not complaining!!  The Cabernet and Shiraz are probably the best of the Charles Shaw wines.  Honestly, they are not bad...especially not for $3!!!

There you have Trader Joe's must haves.  What is on your list from Trader Joe's?  I always love trying new things from the store!!


  1. I keep that rice on hand too! And I love their different hummuses, love those dark covered caramels, love the pita chips, and my hubby likes those burgers! I usually buy their mini crackers because I love that you can just put some cheese on them, or dip them, and they just pop in your mouth. :) Their chocolate chips are a staple. The 21 season salute is a staple. Their pasta sauce, olive oil spray, greek feta salad dressing, and coconut spray - all staples! And I try new wines from them every time I go. :) I LOVE TRADER JOES!!!! OH! And their frozen tamales aren't too bad either!

    1. I love it!! Trader Joe's is the best!

  2. I WISH I had a TJs near me! The closest one is over an hour away, so I usually only make it there a couple of times a year. I cannot wait until we move back to the city next year and I can spend my days wandering around the TJ shelves again... sigh.