Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Treat Yourself Tuesday #30

I totally dropped the ball yesterday on my Treat Yourself Tuesday post...so it is up super late today!!  Sorry guys...I was busy breaking records last night. :)  If you haven't heard of Treat Yourself Tuesday, pop over to Becky's blog to check out why it is so important to treat yourself!! 

Breaking records?  Yep-I went to the Chiefs game last night and we are now the loudest stadium...AGAIN!  I was there the first time that we broke the record and this time was just as much fun and WAY louder!! 

I went with some girlfriends and we tailgated with seasonal beers and delicious food.

In other Kansas City sports news...the Royals are in the playoffs!!  I have been a fan for almost 10 years (since I moved to KC), and it has been so fun to watch them actually succeed this year.  A win tonight would be awesome!!  I hope my voice comes back in time for me to cheer!

I also treated myself to a few sporty things....you know, the ones that keep you in shape!  I got my mountain bike tuned up.  I even bought this cute new helmet for when I ride.  It is way nicer than my old one that was missing padding and pretty beat up.  I should be well protected when I fall!

I bought these running sunglasses from Oakley.  I really like them, but I cannot use them on hot days.  I sweat too much!  

Do you have any tips for running in sunglasses?  

What are your treats from this week?


  1. I love the sunglasses, I really need a pair!

    My treats from this week are some Pumpkin Energy Balls and a lot of red wine =).

  2. Red wine is a great treat! I LOVE wine! :)

  3. Very cool running glasses! And I like the new bike helmet, too!

  4. I bought a pair of Oakley's this year, but I when I wore them for the first time - at Cap City half in May - I ended up carrying them by mile 2 because they were fogged up so bad. I'm a bad sweater too and it has been a living nightmare trying to find a pair that don't fog up or slide off my nose! There are 2 pairs of Nike's that I would like to try - the Excellerate and the Run X2.