Thursday, September 11, 2014

SBC-Day in Pics

For my next SBC post, I'm doing a day in the life post.  I decided on Tuesday to take 10 pictures on Wednesday for this post.  Little did I know what the day had in store!!  If you haven't heard about the September Blogging Challenge, head over to Girl Meets Life to check it out.


This is how my day started-pretty ordinary.  Just a smoothie and vitamins.  Strawberries, pineapple, orange juice, greek yogurt, and almond milk make a delicious smoothie!!

Then I went to go to work and discover this...notice the wet ground...that's because it was also raining a little this morning.

 I ended up calling AAA and working from home this morning. 

Still cloudy and dreary when I headed to work for the afternoon.

Afternoon snack-I love Nature Box (if you are interested, you can use my referral code and get $10 off)!!  They deliver snacks that you choose to your door.  Banana Bread Granola is one of my favorite snacks!

Since it was still pretty muggy and gross out, I decided to come home and clean before heading to volleyball.  Keeping our floors clean is almost a full time job with 2 black furry animals!!

 Speaking of black furry animals, I squeezed in some play time after cleaning.

He is not very good at tug of war!

I still had some time to kill before my 8pm volleyball game, so I did a quick tabata workout.  Mostly just plyometrics...followed by some abs laying on the floor.

I headed to my volleyball game.  I never take my phone into the gym because there is no reception, so no will have to deal with the stock volleyball pic. :)

I came home to some puppy snuggles on the couch and relaxing before typing up this post and heading to bed!

Still a lap dog!

What is your favorite afternoon snack?  Have you tried Nature Box? 


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  1. I'm loving your SBC posts. Great to see a day in the life for you. Working from home seems like a fair way to work out an unexpected flat tire. Thank goodness your job is flexible that way!

    Favorite afternoon snack? For awhile it was apples with almond butter, but then I got tired of that. Then it was loaded nachos (a healthy version, believe it or not). And right now it's soup. Chicken noodle or Italian Wedding. Must be the cooler weather.