Friday, September 12, 2014

Five Things Friday

It's a short-ish week for me this week.  Bobby and I are heading to Arkansas for a wedding.  We are staying with my aunt and uncle since they live close to the wedding location.  Lots of friends and family time this weekend, so I'm pumped!!  Since it is Friday, I'm linking up with the HeatherKatie, and Clare for Five Things Friday! Check out their great blogs for the fun linkups!!  As always, thank you ladies for hosting!

Five Workouts:
Monday-6 mile run
Tuesday-2.5 mile run/walk + Bar Method class
Wednesday-15 minute tabata workout (see below) + indoor volleyball
Thursday-3 mile easy run + 2 games of sand volleyball
Friday-7 miles planned for today...

Five Things I've Eaten:
This week has been really random food wise.  I have not been hungry and I have not taken pictures.

Sunday-20-Minute Spicy Sriracha Shrimp and Zucchini Lo Mein.  It was really good and really easy!  My only tip is to stir the lo mein pasta as it cooks.  Mine stuck together so the pasta didn't cook evenly.
Monday-burger with lots of cantaloupe.  I LOVE cantaloupe!!  
Tuesday-random pasta and broccoli dish that I threw together-the pasta is from the farmer's market.  It is paparadelle and the flavor that I chose for this dish was garlic and herb.  The taste was good, but the herbs make the pasta it didn't look very appetizing when I took a picture.
Wednesday-I ate an apple for dinner after volleyball.  I told you-random!!
Thursday-Grilled pork chops, baked potato, green peas.  Bobby makes dinner on Thursdays while I play volleyball and then I usually heat it up and eat when I get home. 

Five Things I'm Excited About:
1. All gifts are purchased for the wedding-attendants, parents, etc...all done.  Now I just have to wrap them!
2. The cooler weather means that it is soup/chili time.  Yumm-o!
3. Ikea opened down the street from us this week.  I can't wait to check it out and get some Swedish Meatballs!!
4. I mentioned this already, but I'm really excited to see my aunt and uncle this weekend!!
5. Fall tv!!!  Bonus 5 shows that I am super excited about!! 
        How to Get Away with Murder (new show that looks awesome!!)
        The League-it's already back and super funny!  If you play fantasy football-this is a MUST watch!!
         Black-ish (new comedy that looks hilarious!!)


  1. I am SO excited for Blacklist to be back! Safe travels this weekend. Happy Friday!

  2. Visiting from over at Heather's Friday Favorites. Hey, you're coming to my home state! :) I'm a Northwest Arkansas girl, born and raised! Have a safe trip.

    1. Thank you for visiting!! We had a great time in Arkansas! Beautiful area!

  3. Ahhh, I forgot about cantaloupe! That sounds so yummy right now. Also, I too am PUMPED for Scandal and Grey's Anatomy to come back. woo hoo! Thanks so much for linking up. Hope you have a great rest of the weekend! xo

    PS: Hi Kaylin!

  4. I like that Tabata workout. I pinned it for later!