Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend of Shooting and Weddings

We took off for Arkansas around 1 on Friday. We drove about 7 hours to my aunt and uncle's house. My cousin arrived a few minutes later with her adorable puppy.

Since we all drove and worked we grabbed a quick dinner and called it a night. 

We got up Saturday morning and headed out to the gun range. I had NEVER shot before so this was definitely something out of my comfort zone. My uncle and cousin have been shooting forever, so I was very comfortable going with them. Plus, my uncle is such a patient teacher!!! 

We shot rifles, hand guns, and the got out the shot guns for trap shooting. Let's just say that trap shooting was not my forte. :) but it was really fun!! I loved shooting. I will be back! My dad loves to go this will be a fun family outing. 

After shooting we headed back for lunch and to get ready for the wedding. It was held at a remote ranch. The couple looked so happy and radiant!!

There is a southern tradition where you bury bourbon so the weather is good for your wedding. I'm a believer!! Friday forecast called for rain, but there was no rain in sight. After the wedding the couple dug up the bourbon and passed it around. Bobby was all in!

We snuck in a selfie as we headed to the reception. 

This wedding was for Bobby's good friend from college. I made some of the guys pose for a quick pic while they were catching up. 

Then we danced the night away! It was such a fun and happy wedding!!

We came home and our fur kids were very happy to see us!! We missed them too. 

I also decided that it is fall, so it's time to switch to red wine. My fave!!! If you read Women's Health while you drink wine, it's pretty much the same as working out...right??

Do you switch what you drink with the seasons?

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Another fun weekend for you! (I'm guessing the bachelorette party was for the one who got married this weekend?) I've never fired a gun...

    I like to change what I drink with the seasons. I love white wine in the summer but red wine any time of year.

    1. The bachelorette party a few weeks ago was actually for my brother's fiance. They are not getting married until December. She is a teacher, so they don't get a lot of "vacation" since they get summers and holidays. So, we did hers early. Definitely a busy wedding season....especially for my parents!! :)

      Firing a gun was a lot more fun than I expected. I'm still not super comfortable and wouldn't go without someone really experienced.

      I'm with you on red wine all year!! White is good for patio time, but red will always be my favorite!