Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Recap

Another Monday....hopefully another start to a great week!!  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!!  We started our weekend off with the Plaza Art Fair.  Artists come from all over the country come and setup tents to display their art work.  The nearby restaurants setup booths with food and drinks and there are a three stages with bands too.  It is a really fun event!!

We grabbed some drinks and walked around to see the art.  There were so many cool paintings, sculptures, and other media.  This giant banana is covered in bottle caps.

There were some great photo ops too!!  

Saturday started with a terrible run!  It was really humid and I started the run too late.  So I ended up logging 7 miles with lots of walking breaks.  I'm just happy to have gotten the miles done.  After the run, we headed out for lunch and errands...which ended up taking 5 hours.  Yes, 5 hours!  Luckily we got a ton done!!  We even picked up some fun new toys for our fur babies.

We decided to have a date night in after the busy day.  Appetizer of wine and cheese and crackers was a great start to the meal.

Followed up with a delicious steak, mashed potatoes and peas.  Bobby cooked the steak perfectly!! 

Sunday started with another run-this time a short 3 miler.  It was much better weather and the 3 miles felt great.  I needed a good shakeout run!

I had some time to kill before football started, so I decided to put up some fall decorations.  I still need to add to the table scape, but I love my fall wreath!!

Good news on the football front on Sunday as well. Cowboys-win, Chiefs-win, and Royals-win.  Great day for this sports fan!!!

How was your weekend?  Did your football teams win?


  1. I love that wreath! No luck on the football front for us. Both the Packers (the Mr.'s team) and the Vikings (my team) lost. Not a good start for either team this year! ~Ree

  2. Sounds like an awesome weekend. Your plaza art fair looks much more exciting than the Oktoberfest I went to on Saturday. A good football Sunday indeed!