Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Favorites

I'm doing things a little differently this Friday.  I want to tell you about a new snack company.  I'm linking up with the HeatherKatie, and Clare for Five Things Friday! Check out their great blogs for the fun linkups!!  As always, thank you ladies for hosting!  

Girls Gone Sporty Ambassadorship put me in touch with a new company called KOOEE! Super Snacks.  The products are "A deliciously natural, high-protein snack to fuel your adventures. Grass-fed. Gluten & Soy free. Paleo-friendly. None of the Bad Stuff."  Everyone can eat them!! 

They sent me a few samples of their beef jerky trail mix.  I shared it with a few friends so that I could get several honest opinions to share with you guys.  We all agreed that both of the flavors were tasty and would be great for long days out hiking or a relay race where you have breaks to eat and need protein for fuel.  KOOEE! is made for people on the go: our unique RIP&PEEL&MIX pouches combine our ingredients on opening to maximize freshness.  You really can tell that the product is natural and it definitely tastes fresh!  You can even track where your beef came from.  There is a code on each package and you can see which farm your beef comes from.  It is so cool!!

The first flavor was the Smoked Chipotle with Apple.  It was a good mix of sweet, salty and smokey.  The kick at the end is a nice finish without being too spicy.  One of the guys that tried it can't eat hot things and he really liked it!  This one was my favorite flavor!!

The other flavor that we tried was the Lime Pepper with Mango.  I'm not going to lie, we were a little hesitant about this one.  Honestly, I really liked it!!  I was surprised, but the flavors mix really well and the pepper is a great addition!!  This was actually the first package to be gobbled up!  I think everyone really enjoyed it.

I totally recommend trying these delicious snacks.  They are perfect for a high protein on the go snack.  If you are interested in trying the jerky trail mix, KOOEE! has a kickstarter.  With just a $15 donation, they send you 2 packs of their snacks and you help get the company off the ground!

What is your favorite snack?
Have you ever thought to put jerky in your trail mix?

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  1. I just heard of this jerky this past week and become intrigued! I'm a huge jerky fan, so I love trying any new ones I can find. :)