Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cold Weather Has Arrived!

It's officially cold in the Midwest!! Today's high is low 30's. I'm not quite ready, but a few things are helping me cope.

I busted out my big and baggy sweatpants and warm blankets to keep warm. Boyfriend sweatpants from Victoria's Secret are so comfy!  Plus, they are long enough for me. 

We finally turned on the heater, but we are taking advantage of family couch snuggling. Fur babies and all! I almost don't even need a blanket. 

After Girls on the Run practice, I was pretty frozen.  I decided to make some Bailey's and chai. It is the perfect warm drink to help unwind after a long cold day. 

I might be wearing this sweet outfit if the temps keep dropping.  I'm pretty sure it would be a good look!

How do you deal with the cold weather?  Check out Marnie's post on How to Prepare for a Polar Vortex

What is your favorite hot drink?


  1. LOL - thanks for mentioning my tongue-in-cheek post about how I'm buckling down in Denver for the cold. :-)

    Baileys and Chai sounds delicious...definitely something I'll have to try post-baby!!!

    1. I'm glad you survived the Polar Vortex! I love your post. It was so funny! :)