Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Faves

Thank goodness it is time for the weekend!!  Happy Friday!  Did anyone else feel like this was the. longest. week. ever?!?!???  I'm linking up with Heather and Katie for Friday Faves.  As always, thank you ladies for hosting!!

Last night was my team's last Girls on the Run practice.  I am sad for the season to be over, but I am super excited for the 5K on Saturday.  The weather is supposed to be great!  For the last practice, we had a little party for the girls.  Cupcakes, fruit, and awards for each girl.  This was such a fun and rewarding experience!!  I will definitely be volunteering again next season.

I also realized yesterday that it is November and I haven't done any What I'm Thankful For posts.  Thankfully (he, he...see what I did there?), I did a Thankful Thursday post fairly recently and it covers pretty much everything. 

I do have one addition/announcement to that little sister is PREGO!!  I'm so excited and thankful that I am going to be an aunt!!

In unrelated new, I am totally addicted to StitchFix (referral link)!!  After my last fix, I changed my date to be February...well, I changed my mind and moved it up to December.  I have a shopping problem!


More unrelated are a few links that are fun:
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Happy Friday!  I hope everyone is having a fantastic day!

Do you have any exciting weekend plans?


  1. I have been shopping all my life and don't have anything to wear either! So true. Have a great wekeend.

  2. Is GOTR already over? Good luck to you and the girls on the 5K this weekend.

    And congrats to your little sister and her journey to motherhood!!

    1. I know GOtR went by so fast! I think it was 9 weeks. I will definitely be volunteering again. It was so fun!

      I am thrilled for my sister. She and her hubby are super excited too!

  3. Congrats to your sister! Those are the cutest outfits I've seen for announcing the news!! That's awesome that you were able to help the GOTR. That would be SO rewarding! My weekend plans for the weekend are a turkey trot 5k and going to see the new Hunger Games movie. :)

    1. They dressed up for Halloween and had a party at their house to announce it to all of their friends. :)

      Good luck at the Turkey Trot!

  4. I just recently learned about Girls on the Run - so awesome that you volunteered!

    1. It is a great organization! Very rewarding and fun! The girls are hilarious and great to work with.

  5. Love that quote!! So true. Especially on a weekend evening - my poor boyfriend has to listen to me complain!! Congrats to to your sister!!

  6. I have a "Fix" coming on Monday and I am SO excited!! Have fun at the 5K on Saturday!! Thanks for linking up and happy Friday. :)