Thursday, November 6, 2014

Last Puerto Rico Post...

Today is the last post about Puerto Rico.  I told you guys about all of the food here and here, so now I'll recap the fun stuff we did on the island. 

Let's start with the beach.  We spent quite a bit of time relaxing by the beach and playing in the ocean. 

Bobby's Baywatch moment

It was so nice to be able to relax and just hang out in the sun.

We also spent a little bit of time in Old San Juan. 
The architecture is awesome.  I loved the colorful buildings!

There were tons of restaurants and little cafes around as well.

Most of the streets in Old San Juan are paved with blue cobblestone pavers.  They are made from "iron furnace slag that, according to historians, was part of the ballast of Spain's sugar-carrying-ships. Subjected to time, weather and traffic, the pavers have developed a very characteristic shiny blue-gray hue." (Source)

Still wearing my custom wedding shoes
We also visited El Morro which is a fort that was used in the 1500's up until World War 2.  It was so interesting to walk around the huge fort!

 We probably spent an hour and a half exploring the 6 levels!

If I was a soldier, I would not have liked the tight living quarters and bars on the windows.  At least there was a nice breeze off of the ocean!

The sentry lookout towers on El Morro are famous Puerto Rican landmark and are very prevalent in a lot of the artwork.  We purchased a vibrant painting of one.

Sentry at El Morro
As I have mentioned (about a million times), the Royals were in the World Series.  Game 7 was on Wednesday, so we rescheduled one of our excursions to ensure we could watch the game.  We headed to the only sports bar in our area (Primetime) for the game.  Beers and we had the sound...we were set!

We did not plan on karaoke to begin in the 8th inning, but when in Rome Puerto Rico!  Sorry about the dark picture.  I didn't want to mess up the girl who was singing! :)

Our favorite excursion was kayaking to the bioluminescent bay.  We hopped in a kayak at sunset because you can only see the organisms at night.

We set off with our tour group and paddled about 2 miles to a bay filled with micro organisms that glow when agitated.  

It was so cool, but the organisms do not photograph.  Here is a photo shopped picture from one of the tour companies.  It is a fairly close recreation.


All in all we had a fantastic honeymoon!  I perfect blend of relaxing and adventure.  We did miss out on the rainforest hike, but I guess that means we have to go back...or to Costa Rica which I hear has a fabulous rainforest!  I will definitely be missing the beach as we head into the Midwest winter!!!

Have you ever been to a bioluminescent bay?
Where did you go on your honeymoon?


  1. Wow your honeymoon in Puerto Rico look like it was soooo much fun. I love the bioluminescence photo - even if it had to be taken by the tour guide company!

    We spent so much money on our wedding (not that much, but more than enough for us) that we didn't honeymoon until two years after our wedding. We went to Paris for two weeks.

  2. I've been thinking about making a trip to PR! Sounds like you had a great time. I ended up going to Sandals Antigua for my honeymoon. It was amazing! :)

  3. We STILL have yet to go on a honeymoon...sad. But we eloped and every time we talk about planning one, life happens...looks gorgeous and you guys got to do a lot!