Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holiday Craft Ideas

I'm so sad that I missed Treat Yourself Tuesday this week!  I ran out of time on Monday night, so I decided to take a day off from blogging.  Holidays are a crazy time for all of us, so I knew you guys would understand. :)

So let's talk holiday crafts.  Andrea and I always do a wine cork craft at Christmas to make little gifts for our friends.

Our first craft was wine cork letters.  Super easy project.

Materials: Wooden letter, tissue paper, Modge Podge, wine corks-cut in half length wise, and hot glue
Step 1. Apply the tissue paper to the letter using the modge podge.
Step 2. Once the letter is dry, arrange the corks on the letter (without gluing them).  This lets you plan out your corks before it is permanent.
Step 3. Hot glue the corks.
Step 4. Surprise your friends with cute gifts!!

Here is the B that I made for Bobby...his was our practice run.

The second year ended up being crazy with some deaths in my family, so I missed craft time.  Andrea and her mother in law made these adorable wine cork reindeer!  I don't have the steps for these crafts, but Andrea might do a guest post in the near future.

Last year we made wine cork ornaments of all shapes and sizes.  We used hot glue and wire to attach everything from ribbon, little balls, and bells to the corks.

Ideas for this year project include:

This painted letter that you can buy on Etsy.  I think it looks easy enough to recreate.

This glitter wine bottle is also a fun idea...and it fits with the wine theme.  I also think it could be cute as a New Year's Eve decoration.

This is a cute idea for gift tags as well.  So many choices!!

What is your favorite Christmas craft?

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