Monday, December 8, 2014

We had a wedding y'all

My brother got married this weekend!  As his mother in law said, "we had a wedding y'all".  It was a beautiful wedding at a museum in Amarillo, TX.  We all absolutely love his (now) wife, so it was a wonderful occasion!

My brother was so thoughtful.  He gave his bride a macbook pro as her gift.  She wants to get back into design and this was his way to show his support.

Classic and beautiful are the 2 words that I would use to describe her wedding look.  She is always gorgeous, but she looked especially beautiful on her wedding day!

Who knows how to tie a bow tie?  The boys had to look it up, but they got it done!

A little fun with the bridesmaids.  3 out of the 7 are pregnant and one of the girls is due in January!

The ceremony was great!  The preacher married several couples in the bride's family, so that made it extra special.  The arbor in this picture was hand made and brought in to the museum in pieces.  It turned out so great!!

My mom was so happy to have her first born and only boy marry a wonderful girl.  The mother son dance was so sweet!

These are my 2 best friends from Texas.  Love these girls!


Doesn't Bobby look nice in a tuxedo?  We were so happy to get to be apart of the wedding!!


My cousin and sister and brother.  We loved taking a cousin picture!

Aren't my parents adorable?  Two stepping all night!

They had fun props for the dance floor.  We had a great time dancing to their wonderful band!

The best exit for winter...fake snow instead of rice.  She did such a great job of planning every detail!


I'm so thankful for my wonderful family!  It was such a great weekend!

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  1. Wow, another wedding, and so soon after yours! Lots of celebrating in your family this fall/winter. How fun!