Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekend Recap

I had big plans to get this post written and scheduled last night, but the weather had other plans.  Our power went out about 10pm.  So, here I am...coming to you Monday morning.  I hope you all are having a better start to your week than we are.  :)  At least, I must say, I had a great weekend!

The weather on Friday was fantastic so I took a half day from work.  I went for a nice little 3 mile run (because I am way out of shape and 3 miles is about all that I can do right now).  It was great to get out on the trail and spread Christmas cheer by listening to Mariah Carey Christmas radio on Pandora!


Later that night, we set out to check out the Christmas lights around town.  I made a batch of Katie's Crockpot Chicken Cream Cheese Chili.  It was fantastic!  I will definitely be making it again!  There were quite a few well decorated houses.  My faves are always the ones set to music!

Saturday was a busy one.  We finished up Christmas shopping.  The stores were packed, but we managed to kill 3 birds with one stone by eating lunch at a local restaurant group restaurant.  Lunch, and 2 gifts in one place!  And because it was a little crazy out, I decided to reward our efforts with a delicious bloody mary!

And a great juicy burger!

We have one spoiled pup!!  I went a little crazy with Christmas presents for him this year. 

Saturday night called for a race.  Christmas Light 5K.  We got this awesome pullover in our packets.

Before the race, we had access to a heated tent with photos with Santa.  The heated tent would have been great if it was cold, but the amazing weather continued throughout the weekend and it was still around 50 degrees for the race.

Costume contest...the present and toy solider won.  There were so many great costumes!

Post race-all smiles!!  It was a fun little 5k that was really well run.  Bonus, I got to meet a fellow KC blogger named Christine.  She blogs over at Food and Fitness Fanatic.

My girlfriends and I hopped over to Cinder Block Brewery after for some locally brewed beers.  I had a delicious brown ale.  It was a great end to our night!

I wrapped all of the gifts on Sunday.  I am either a very slow wrapper or we went a little crazy this year.  Either way, I love having presents under the tree.  Now to hope that the fur kids leave them alone!!

Speaking of fur kids-I started a tradition last year of putting lights on Porter (like people do with babies) and taking his picture.  Look how much he has grown in 1 year!!

Have you wrapped your gifts yet?
Do you have any winter races?


  1. Where did you go to look at lights? I've been wanting to go, but haven't yet!

    1. I found this awesome site that tells you where lights are in Johnson County. We went to Vince and Associates, Candy Cane Lane, and a few other houses.

  2. I like the way you shop!! Burgers & drinks as rewards sound like a great idea.

  3. I'm catching up on posts! You will have to let me know if the pup likes the Tux toy. I wanted to get Barley one but couldn't find one on Amazon that had free shipping...lame, I know!!

    1. Steph and I found it at that local Christmas shop event a few weeks ago. Have you checked Land of Paws or any of the local places?