Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Giving Things Up for Lent

I don't normally talk about religion on the blog, but I wanted to talk a little about Lent.

So what is Lent? It's the 40 days before Easter where people practice reflection, simple life and prayer. Many Christian denominations give something up during Lent to reach the goal to be more Christ-like. I have given up everything from food and drinks to cursing to other bad habits. The past few years, I chose a more positive whole wellness approach. 

I gave up negative thoughts in one way or another. It is nearly impossible to have 0 negative thoughts. One year I tried to give myself a break and have a positive view of myself. Having a positive view of yourself makes a huge difference in making each day brighter. 

One of my friends decided to give back for Lent. She tracked all frivolous/fun spending and matched it with a donation. It made her more aware of her spending and she got to give to a cause of her choice.

This year I plan to continue focusing on positivity. I will not let my scale dictate my day. I will lift up my friends when they are down. I will offer kind words to people that I encounter. I will have a positive attitude at work and try to make others smile. 

These changes are minor changes that can make a big improvement on my life and the lives around me. It takes less than 40 days to make a habit...I hope these 40 days help me to be a better person overall!

Do you give something up for Lent? Or work to improve your overall wellness?

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