Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday-Fitness Style

I'm so thankful that it is Thursday!!! You all already know that I love my family and friends and I'm totally thankful for them. I wanted to keep it lighter and talk about fitness things that I'm thankful for.

#1-Cute workout gear from Champion and Fabletics (referral link) and Old Navy. I like to look good and keep my wallet happy!!!

#2-Fitbit. I recently did a review of my Fitbit and I am still really liking it. It keeps me accountable. Hitting the goal of 10,000 steps makes me smile every time!

#3-Free half marathon plans from Runner's World Smart Coach. I like to roughly base my training around a plan. I don't want to miss out on long runs and I love getting new ideas on speed and tempo workouts. 

#4-Podcasts....well just 1. I just finished Serial and it was awesome!!! If you haven't heard of Serial, it is a podcast from a reporter who investigated the murder of teenage girl. It is presented well and so addicting!!  I don't know what I will listen to while running now!!

#5-HIIT workouts. I love being able to knock out a 15-20 minute high intensity workout and actually feel like I accomplished something! 

#6-speaking of feeling like I accomplished something, I'm thankful for that feeling. As the saying goes, no one ever regrets fitting in a workout. 

#7-Friends who workout. Bobby and I can hit the trail together on weekends. I have a friend who does long runs with me and several who sign up for races with me. I have my friends from volleyball. I even have coworker friends who I know best from Corporate ChallengeI love that almost all of my friends are active!

What are you most thankful?

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