Thursday, February 12, 2015

Link Love

I found some great articles on health and fitness this week.  In fact, they are so good, I had to share!!  Linking up with Spoons for some Thinking Out Loud.

This article talks about the hottest trends for 2015.  It sounds like a return to old school exercises and tracking your heart rate and steps are going to be hot for this year.  I'm so glad that I got my Fitbit.  I wouldn't want to miss out! 

A refreshing take on "dieting".  Sara Seinberg shares her experiences and some great tips on how to find balance and eat healthy.  Her honesty and wit make So, You Wanna Lose Weight a fun read!

Drawing by Ariel Dunitz-Johnson

Do you ever feel like runners have their own language?  There are definitely some terms and acronyms that are common running terms and are totally foreign to people who don't run.  I really liked Relentless Forward Commotion's article on runner lingo.  It is great for experienced runners and non-runners alike.  I def learned some new terms!

BuzzFeed did a video with 8 Simple Hacks Every Runner Needs to Know.  It is awesome and the hacks are fantastic!  It is definitely worth a watch!!

Have you read any fun articles/blog posts recently??

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