Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Treat Yourself Tuesday #45

Happy Tuesday!  I realized that I had some audible book credits with Amazon, so I decided to treat myself and order a few books.

I chose:
The Girl in the Train-It is a psychological thriller that has been compared to Gone Girl. I'm excited to check it out. 

Still Alice-This book is being made into a movie that is coming out this month. It is about a woman who receives a devastating diagnosis and how she and her family deal with it. I really liked Brain on Fire, so this book is very intriguing. 

Wild-Another book that is a movie staring Reece Witherspoon. I haven't seen the movie, so it will be fun to watch when I finish the book. This book is about a woman who is trying to deal with the death of her mother and a divorce. She sets out on a 1100 mile hike. 

Yes Please-Amy Poehler's book just seems like it will be hilarious! I'm pretty sure Amy Poehler and I would be great friends if we ever met.

Which book would you listen to first?

I love reading or in this case, listening to a good book. I can't wait to start one!  Free book credits are my treats for this week's TYT.  For more details on Treat Yourself Tuesday, pop over to Becky's blog for the linkup.


  1. Oooh difficult choices! I loved Brain on Fire, so I would have to go with Still Alice. Of course, I choose my books based on how I'm feeling at that point in my life (happy? determined? needing motivation?) so you might want to pick your book based on that!

    1. I'm so torn! Good call-I will probably wait and listen on my drive to Texas, so I will see how I feel on those drives.

  2. Just added the Girl on the Train to my ever growing Goodread's list...sounds like my kind of book!