Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Treat Yourself Tuesday #47

I skipped Treat Yourself Tuesday last week...I honestly didn't have a ton of treats that were not Valentine's Day related...so I decided not to do a junk post.  For more details on Treat Yourself Tuesday, pop over to Becky's blog to see why it is so important to treat yourself often! 

Naked Wines
I mentioned Naked Wines (referral link) in a few posts recently.  I really enjoy their mission and the wines!  I haven't had a bad wine yet-and I'm on my second case!  If you use the referral link, you get $100 off of your first case of wine.  You don't get to choose the wines, but you do get a case for about $75 (including shipping).  Then you get on a list to be an "Angel".

Once you are an Angel, you receive discounted bottle prices, a free bottle each month, and other benefits.  They charge your card $40 each month and it goes into a piggy bank that you can use to buy wine or if you decide that you want out, they will give you all of the money in your piggy bank back.  The funds are used to determine how much to invest in each up and coming wine maker.  You can leave reviews of the wines and often are directly contacted by the wine maker themselves.  It is fun and interactive and you can't be $75 for a case!!

Date Night Makeover
I treated myself to fun mini makeover on Friday night.  I decided to try a new hair style and makeup look for our date night.  I also wore my fun new jacket and one of the pairs of earrings from my latest StitchFix (review here). 

Random things

These chocolates are so good! I'm proud of myself for not eating the whole bag!!

Girl Scout Cookies...see above about not eating the whole box

Putting the new desk together with Bobby. It was a treat because we really worked well together and got it done. We could totally rock The Amazing Race!!

And just for fun...this is what Porter looks like after a big day of playing.  He's a mess!!

Did you treat yourself this week?

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