Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

High today is 34 degrees.  Brr!!!  This is soup weather!  Tonight, I am making a recipe from one of my favorite blogs-Pork and Green Chile Stew!  Skinny Taste (http://www.skinnytaste.com/) always has great recipe ideas full of flavor and variety.  I have never been disappointed!  If you haven't checked out the site, I highly recommend it. 

I'm in full preparation mode for my girls weekend in Seattle.  I got a manicure last night.  The color is called Fiery Shrimp-isn't that a terrible nail color name?  I like it because it is a redish orange-perfect for fall!  Also, if anyone has figured out how to model nail polish without your hand looking like a claw, please let me know!  I need help!!  I have a few errands to run-buy a rain poncho, pick up a few travel items, and of course hit the gym extra hard so that I can take off or do lighter workouts on vacation.  I always take gym clothes and have good intentions and usually only workout once if I am really feeling motivated.  Otherwise, the gym clothes just take up room in my suitcase.  Does anyone else do this??

I have heard the views in Seattle are amazing and that running around town is really fun.  I want to try to get in a couple of short runs while I am there.  I hope the other girls don't kill me when I set my alarm for early morning!!

I need to get in extra puppy play time and snuggles so I don't go through withdrawals while I am gone.  We have been teaching him to catch things out of the air.  The first day was just us throwing stuff in the air and it hitting the pup in the face or falling near him.  He is getting better now!  I'm picturing him being one of those dogs that catches a frisbee out of the air while jumping off of a dock into the lake.  Big hopes for this pup!!

Thankful day 12...aka 11-12-13...what a fun date!  I'm thankful for my love of sports.  With very few exceptions-golf, soccer, tennis-I love watching sports!  Living in Kansas City with the Chiefs success has been a blast!  Tonight, Duke takes on Kansas in college basketball in what should be a great game.  It is so much fun to cheer from your couch or at a sports bar with friends.  Everyone has a favorite team and the rivalry and smack talk adds to the fun!  I personally am a Texas fan in college sports, but I love a good game no matter who is playing!

Do you have a favorite sports team?  Anyone from Seattle and have a must see or do?

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