Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lots of Good Things Happening

Sorry it has been a few days since my last post.  I went on an awesome trip to Seattle.  Great weather and great company.  Our hotel had wine hour each night from 5-6pm so we got to meet other people staying in the hotel and have a nice relaxing drink before dinner and heading out.  We went to Pike Place market and saw the very first Starbucks---there was a long line and about 10,000 other Starbucks within a 5 mile radius so we just took pics.  We ate at Pike Place Chowder for lunch...so yummy!  I highly recommend it!  Sushi for dinner by our hotel and recommended by one of the locals.  That was my favorite meal!  Sunday, we went to the Seahawks game and made friends with our whole section.  We ended up hanging out with them all night.  It was a blast!

Wine hour in our hotel-complete with a magician!!  It was fantastic!

Pike Place Market---home of the first Starbucks and an amazing chowder place!

On top of the Space Needle

The totally real looking photo they give you at the Space Needle

Space Needle from below


Pre-party before the Seahawks game-Yes, we are "those people" wearing another teams jersey to a game where they are not playing!!

Great view of the game!

Cheers! Celebrating the Seahawks win and watching the Chiefs 1st loss. 

Now for the BIG NEWS...I'm ENGAGED!!!!  I was totally surprised when I came home last night.  Bobby told me that the fur-babies got me presents.  The cat got me flowers and the puppy got me a surprise in the refridgerator.  I opened the fridge to see what they puppy got me and it was a bottle of champagne.  When I turned around to ask what we were celebrating he was on one knee.  I couldn't believe it!!!!  I'm beyond excited and happy and thrilled!!! 

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