Thursday, November 14, 2013

More Puppy Training and Happy Thursday

This morning was a first.  I took the puppy out to go to the bathroom before I left for work.  We live on the ground floor of our apartment complex, but they were mowing where I normally take him.  So we had to go down some stairs to another area.  When we went to come back up, he froze and refused to come up the stairs.  He was terrified.  I tried calling him and bribing him, but no luck.  So, I decided to show him.  First, I demonstrated by bear crawling up the stairs, then I stood behind him and moved one paw at a time up a few stairs.  Finally I just picked him up...I am sure it was quite a funny sight for those looking on.  It was an unexpected morning event, so no pics of this.  I'll try to take him that way again and snap a couple. 

Packing for Seattle-I packed this morning with no real idea what to take.  I feel like it is a pretty laid back city, so we will see if I packed appropriately or not.  We leave tomorrow afternoon!!!  The weather is looking okay.  We definitely need rain gear!!

Today I am thankful for Southwest Airlines and their cheaper flights and no bag fees!!  You may not get to choose where you sit, but you know you are getting the best fare.  Plus, the flight attendants are normally super friendly!

Do you have any Seattle recommendations?

What's your favorite rain gear?

What is your favorite place to travel and what airline do you fly?

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