Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gingerbread House Fail!

I have really been in the Christmas spirit this year! We have been doing Christmas stuff every day in December. I love it! I got a sparkly red manicure last night. I have been trying to keep my nails looking good and I really like the place that I found.

I still can't make my hand not look super weird or like a claw in pictures!!
When we did our grocery shopping for the week, I stumbled across this gem at Trader Joe's.  Unfortunately, I didn't read the instructions before purchasing.  You have to make the icing.  I realize to most people, this is no big deal.  BUT to me...it is a big deal.  I can cook, but I cannot bake! 

Isn't it cute!
 The box looks adorable and simple enough.  I'm pretty sure the icing on the package is fake!  Mine turned out super runny! It's possible that I didn't have the patience to beat the egg white enough and it is also possible that I used lime juice instead of vinegar or lemon juice, but still!  It was runny and tasted terrible!!

Bobby-not super pumped, but participating anyway.

Here I am putting on the runny icing.  You can see it leaking down the front already!
Also, the candy was gross.  The only reason Bobby agreed to participate was because he wanted to eat some of the candy.  He ate one piece and told me to use it all on the house.

Ta da!

All done.
Bobby said it photographed much better than it looked in person.  At least I am good at taking pictures!!  Once pics were done, I threw this thing away!  It was a sticky mess that looked nothing like the picture on the box.  Total fail!  Next year, I will be better prepared...better icing and buy my own candy!!

Do you make gingerbread houses?  Pre-packaged or your own stuff?  Obviously I fail, so I hope you have more success than we did!  At least we had fun doing it.  :)

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