Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Healthy and Helpful Technology

Last night I had to log back on to work after a run with my neighbor. The weather was awesome so we took advantage with a 5.5 mile run after work. It felt great! After working, I started inputting the day's calories and activities into various websites and apps. It made me laugh at how many places and tools that I use to track things.

#1-Run Keeper-this app is a GPS tracker to use while you run. I like it for casual running when I am not using my Garmin.
#2-Daily Mile-this is the site that I am using to track all of my miles for 2013.  It is easy to use and a fun way to track what you have done.

#3-My Fitness Pal-I know I have mentioned this one before, but it is a great website and app.  Lots of support and the food database is huge.  It makes tracking your food and exercise so simple.  Plus, the discussion boards are great.  Always something to motivate you or inspire you!

Dinner last night was buffalo chicken over a veggie skillet.  It was delicious and super low cal.  I used smart balance on the onions, peppers and potatoes and only 1 tablespoon of olive oil on the buffalo chicken. 

What apps or websites do you use to help with your fitness journey?

What was for dinner last night?

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