Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Me Part 2 (Warning-lots of selfies!!)

I really like my new short hair cut, but it has doubled my hair routine! Drying, curling with rollers, and then curling iron. Man...I don't know how most girls do it. I'm normally pretty "low maintenance"-aka super lazy with my style. I am trying though. My new morning routine

Curlers-Hot look, right?!?!

Then curling iron and hair spray...ta da!

It is definitely a more put together look than I normally rock with the messy curly hair.  I have a feeling I will go back and forth with it.  Luckily day 2 hair is easier.  Just add a few more curls with the curling iron and call it good...that is assuming that I don't do an afternoon run.  Which I did NOT do yesterday...still battling a cold!

Switch to morning workouts just for my hair?!?!  I don't think I can do it!!

Do you workout in the morning or afternoon?  What are your top 3 reasons why you choose that time of day?  I workout in the evening because
1. I can't get out of bed early.  I love to snooze too much!
2. I am starving by 11am for lunch
3. Too much time after work to snack if I don't fill it with exercise!

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