Friday, February 7, 2014

5 Things Friday #3

Happy Friday!!! You know the drill. Here are my 5 random things this Friday.

#1-The Olympics are underway. Yay! I hope everyone is excited!! I really love the Summer Olympics, but Winter Olympics have their charm too.  Figure skating, the cool ski jumps and down hill racing, stuff you don't often encounter in the Midwest!

#2-Pampered Chef stuff came in yesterday!  I'm pumped.  I already used my manual food processor for taco soup last night.  It is so easy and being a hostess meant that I got all of this stuff for $25!  Thanks friends for ordering!!

#3-Boulevard Chocolate Ale came out yesterday.  Bobby went after work to buy some and they were already sold out!  I guess that I'll have to drink it at restaurants instead of buying my own.  If you come across it, you should definitely try the beer.  The last batch that I tried tasted like milk chocolate!!  I hear this year's batch has a more subtle approach to the chocolate taste.  Here is a link to a better review of the beer.

#4-My work schedule this week was ridiculous.  I'm very luck to have such a flexible job!  I definitely don't take it for granted!!  Monday-worked from home so I could take Porter to the vet.  Tuesday-worked from home because all of the city was told to stay home because we got a foot of snow.  Wednesday-me and one other person from my department made it into the office (at 9am) and then left at 3pm.  Thursday-I was not feeling well, but I planned to try to come in.  My boss told me to stay home and work from there.  (one of the many reasons why I love her!)  Friday-finally in the office for a full day!  Too bad Friday's are the least productive day of the week. 

#5-There has been a lot of backlash from the Biggest Loser finale this week.  The girl who won lost 155 pounds and now weighs 105 pounds and is a size zero.  She definitely looks tiny now!  I don't know enough about her to judge her or know if she did things the right way or the wrong way.  I have heard/read about contestants on BL that gain all of the weight back.  The goal of the show is to win $250,000 for losing the most weight.  It seems to me that she did just that.  Now she can focus on finding a happy medium!  I hope she enlists a trainer and psychologist to help her.

What are your thoughts on the Biggest Loser finale?  Did she take it too far?

What are 5 random thoughts from you this Friday?

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