Saturday, February 8, 2014

Today is a BIG Day

Engagement pics in the snow in 3 hours!!! I'm relaxing before starting to get ready. I'm so excited!! It will be cold but worth it!

We hit the gym this morning to work on our fitness. Have you ever had a day when you just knew you were not going to make the miles happen on the treadmill? That happened to me in the first 5 mins!! Plan B-decided on the fly. 

10 mins on the treadmill for 1.3 miles
10 mins on the bike for 3.6 miles
10 mins on the treadmill again for 1.2 miles
10 mins on the row machine for some distance in meters and 100 calories. 

I rarely use the row machine, but it's a great workout!! I think I will mix it in more often!! Do you use the row machine?

Last night I biked a mile while chatting with a friend and then ran a quick 3 miles before heading off to tan get a mani. The lady next to me getting a manicure made my day. She could not believe I was 21! Wahoo! 

Bobby and I then hit Drunken Fish for a delicious sushi dinner. Yummy!

What is your plan B when you know a run won't go well? Power through or mix it up?

What is your favorite sushi roll? Mine are typically anything with tropical fruit. 

Name 3 things you're doing this weekend. 

Happy Saturday! 

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