Friday, March 14, 2014

5 Things Friday

Happy Friday!!! Yay for the weekend! It is supposed to be fantastic out, so I am pumped for my long run tomorrow.

Let's do this...

#1-Big 12 Basketball Tourney is in full swing. Texas beat up on West Virginia last night which makes me very happy! I hope they can continue on to beat Baylor tonight!!

#100HappyDays #big12basketball

The puppy knows that he must self entertain when sports are on in our house!  He's so cute!!

#2-It is almost flip flop weather!!  I'm so excited because flip flops are pretty much my favorite footwear.  Easy, no fuss, and go with almost everything.

#3-Even though I can't wear flip flops to work, I can wear cute tennis shoes.  I don't run in Nikes because they are a little too bulky and high in the heel for me.  These are so comfy just to wear around though.  Lots of cushion and the brown and blue combo is cute.

#4-All fueled up for my long runs until my half in less than a month!!  I picked up some citrus Nuun and vanilla bean Gu.  I am totally loyal to vanilla bean Gu.  I never stray!!

#5-Summer Sangria-I am co-hosting a Burger, Beer and Baby Talk shower for a friend of mine.  It is a couple's shower, so we decided to focus on the burgers and beer part.  I also decided to make a fun lighter sangria for the ladies.  This makes about 25 servings for 90 calories each.

3 bottles of Pinot Grigio
1 bottle of peach champagne
1 bottle of sparkling clementine juice (I found this at Trader Joe's and it sounded amazing)
1L bottle of Fresca
2 cups of frozen fruit

I hope it tastes as good as I think it should!!

What is on your agenda for the weekend?

Are you loyal to a particular race fuel?

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