Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up in photos

Friday night, we invited friends over for basketball, drinks, and laughs. Everyone's teams lost, so there was a lot of drinking and very little photography. It also turned my long run into a 3 mile run on Saturday morning.  Oops!! 

Saturday I was a better blogger...kinda...
A friend moved in down the I walked over to her new place.

Contents of the bag are totally appropriate for walking down the street in the middle of the day!!  You must have beer when taking a break from unpacking!

1991 Pinot that we drank on Saturday night

S'mores are always a good idea!

Poor Bailey, Porter chased her around all night!

I might have gone a little crazy when ordering GS Cookies

Sunday-Baby shower for a friend

Cute oreos for the occasion

Who's tummy is bigger?

Must have beer at a couples shower!

Boys watching selection Sunday

Burgers, Beers, oh and baby too

This cute gift is a shirt that predicts what your baby will be when they grow up.  I'm sure badminton instructor is a very lucrative career!

Bobby was having so much fun!

Instead of a guest book-a personalized onesie!  (Thank you Pinterest for the idea!)

This is going to be one well dressed baby!

That was my weekend.  Basketball, booze, and baby shower...nothing crazy for me!

How was your weekend?

Are you excited for March Madness?  Who is your team?

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