Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Treat Yourself Tuesday

It's time for another installment of Treat Yourself Tuesday. This is a blog linkup with Olives n' Wine.

Treating yourself doesn't have to be expensive (or cost anything for that matter).  You just have to do something for yourself.  It really does improve all aspects of your life when you treat yourself well! 

So how did I treat myself this week?  Quite a few ways actually!

#1-Last night I made a dinner more for my taste.  I usually try to cook stuff that I know is more geared toward Bobby, but last night I made curried chicken salad, strawberries, and carrots with ranch dip.  It felt (and looked) like a little kids lunch box when it was all laid out! 

#2-I discovered Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry.  It is delicious and is a treat every time I drink one.  Indulging a little without the calories!!

#3-I am letting my nails recover from quite a few gel manicures.  It really tears up your nails when you pull off the gel instead of soaking it off.  Unfortunately, I am not patient enough to soak them off, so I tear off the gel and parts of my nails with it.  Since I am laying off the gel, I painted my nails this fun and light color.

#4-I am a Sweat Pink Ambassador-which means that I try to encourage other women to be fit and active and achieve their goals.  Women empowering women is a necessary and positive culture change!!  There are so many great non profits, organizations, bloggers out there who promote positivity and encouragement.  It is great to see and support.  I ordered a cute tank top and pink shoelaces to show my support and to remind myself to always be encouraging and supportive of those around me!

#5-I found this on Pinterest and I haven't tried it yet.  It is activated charcoal (yes, what they use to pump stomachs).  You use it to whiten your teeth.  I plan to try it out this week.  Look for before and after pics to see if it works!!  Who doesn't want to treat themselves to whiter teeth??

Your turn:
How will you treat yourself?

What is your favorite empowering and positive organization, blogger, etc?

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