Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wine Tasting and Celebratory Cocktails

Last night was jam packed with activities. After work I got a cute mani for my upcoming trip. Then I whipped up a quick dinner of sausage, onion, peppers, and new potatoes before setting out to a little wine tasting with the girls.

We tried several different Zinfandel. Normally, I don't like that kind of wine, but these were pretty good. The wine maker was also there. He signed bottles for us...and he was ADORABLE!!!

Storybook Wines are not widely sold, so it was a treat to get to try them.  One of my friends and I bought the most expensive and by far most delicious wine to take with us to Vegas and give as a birthday gift to our guest of honor. 

After we got our bottles signed and paid for, we headed over to a place called District Pour House.  They have hand crafted cocktails that were delicious!!!  Bonus-they have an awesome private space that you can rent.  It is where the girls decided to start my bachelorette weekend!!

I ordered a drink called Mango good and not too sweet.  One of the other girls ordered a strawberry balsamic martini.  It was interesting and delicious!  So many to choose from, it is fun to pass drinks around and taste various cocktails.  I can't wait to try the food too!!

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