Friday, April 4, 2014

5 Things Friday

Happy Friday!!! It has been a looonnnnggg week. My branch of the company where I work was bought out by another company. There was little to no information until Thursday afternoon. Luckily they plan to keep the employees and office where I work.

On a happier are my 5 things for the week.

#1-Nothing is better after a 5 mile run than a tanning bed nap and iced coffee. I actually had a great run yesterday.  I have been a little sluggish and having a tough time getting into running this year.  The cold weather has really put me behind schedule.  I felt good yesterday and managed to do 5 miles at a little under an 8 min/mile pace.  So, I rewarded myself with an iced skinny vanilla latte.  It was a delicious pick me up!  What is your favorite post run reward?

#2-I found this great article on what goes through a runners mind while they run.  It is so true that there are stages while running and after it's over we always think we can conquer the world!!

#3-Today is Royals opening day in Kansas City. 

I'm stuck at work, but I am still wearing my gear to support them!!  I'm hoping to sneak out early so I can catch some of the game on tv.  Do you watch baseball or have a favorite team?  Did you go to opening day?

#4-I'm almost out of local honey and the farmer's market doesn't open for another week.  I have been rationing it out for the past 2 weeks.  I love the local produce and fun pastas from the farmer's market, but when I run out of local honey-it is a crisis!!!  I really do think it helps with allergies as well as tasting wonderful!  What is your favorite thing from the farmer's market?  How often do you go?

#5-I am so excited for a chill night in tonight.  We are making homemade pizzas-well kinda...Trader Joe's par cooked pizza dough, sauce, and cheese...the Fearless Flyer this month was all about pizza!!

We are making pepperoni and pineapple.  My personal fave!!  I must be getting old since I am pumped to have a nice relaxing night in!

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